When Smiths Insurance & Kiwisaver asked Ideation to position and energise their brand, we brought it back to benefit they provide their clients – ‘Good decisions. Made Easy’.

An elegant logo, carefully selected typeface and confident two-colour palette combine to create a unique and distinctive aesthetic that works brilliantly within the website and printed stationery.

Smiths Insurance & KiwiSaver - Logo

Smiths Insurance & KiwiSaver - Stationery

The stationery and sales brochure have a highly tactile finish, achieved through the use of carefully selected uncoated stocks, and a smooth clear foil on the business card.

Smiths Insurance & KiwiSaver - Website
Smiths Insurance & KiwiSaver - Website
Smiths Insurance & KiwiSaver - Website

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Its been an absolute treat working with each of you over the years, really appreciate the diligent, can-do attitude and professionalism. Not to mention the quality of creative we’ve taken to market, its been loads of fun!

Jeremy Nash – Marketing Manager, Commercial


"Good things happen when we talk business."

Johnny Wilson - Managing Director

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