At Ideation, we are dedicated to helping businesses achieve their marketing goals through innovative ideas and strategic campaigns. In this showcase learn about our successful collaboration with Team Hutchinson Finance Solutions, a sub-brand of Team Hutchinson Ford, in their quest to elevate their finance offering and attract a wider customer base.


Team Hutchinson Ford, a trusted Ford dealership based in Canterbury, wanted to increase awareness of their finance services and expand their customer base to people wanting pre-approved finance for purchases elsewhere, whether it be a car, motorbike, boat, caravan or trailer.

Team Hutchinson Finance Solutions


To address Team Hutchinson Ford’s objective, we worked closely with Dealer Principle John Hutchinson and his finance team to develop the ‘Finance Solutions’ sub-brand.

Visually, Team Hutchinson Finance Solutions (THFS) reflects its parent brand with its familiar name and styling while embodying its own voice and a “Make it happen” attitude to resonate with potential customers.

Team Hutchinson Finance Solutions

The THFS website serves as the online hub for customers seeking finance solutions. The website provides an online loan calculator and a straightforward online application process, making it easy for visitors to independently explore their finance options.

These tools are supported by carefully curated landing pages that cater to a diverse range of loan offerings, ensuring a seamless and tailored experience for those interested in car, motorbike, boat, caravan, or trailer finance.


To generate broad awareness and drive online applications, our talented team of creative and media professionals at Ideation devised a comprehensive launch campaign for Team Hutchinson Finance Solutions. Here are the key tactics employed:

1. Website: We developed a user-friendly and visually appealing website for THFS, showcasing their finance services and providing a seamless application process.

2. Adwords: We leveraged targeted Adwords campaigns to reach potential customers actively searching for finance options, ensuring maximum visibility and relevance.

3. Radio Ads: Engaging and persuasive radio ads were created to capture the attention and highlight the benefits of THFS’s finance solutions.

4. Digital Advertising: We employed digital advertising strategies, including placements on the popular platform Stuff, to reach a wide audience and drive traffic to the THFS website.

Team Hutchinson Finance Solutions


Team Hutchinson Finance Solutions

5. Billboards: Eye-catching billboards strategically placed in high-traffic areas helped to increase brand visibility and reinforce the THFS message.

6. Social Media: We utilised various social media channels to engage with the target audience, share informative content, and drive traffic to the THFS website.

7. Email Marketing: An email campaign was implemented to inform existing customers of THFS extended finance offerings.

8. Point-of-Sale: In collaboration with Team Hutchinson Ford, we created digital slides for their point-of-sale displays, reinforcing the THFS brand and promoting their finance offerings.

9. Website Banner: A prominent website banner was designed and placed strategically on the Team Hutchinson Ford website to redirect interested visitors to THFS for finance options.

Team Hutchinson Finance Solutions Digital Display

Team Hutchinson Finance Solutions Social Media

Team Hutchinson Finance Solutions Mirror Hanger

The combined efforts of these tactics ensured a comprehensive and impactful campaign that effectively raised awareness of Team Hutchinson Finance Solutions and attracted a broader customer base.

At Ideation, we take pride in our ability to understand our clients’ objectives and deliver tailored solutions that drive results. Our collaboration with Team Hutchinson Finance Solutions exemplifies our dedication to creating innovative campaigns that capture attention, engage audiences, and deliver tangible outcomes.

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Team Hutchinson Finance Solutions Social Media

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Its been an absolute treat working with each of you over the years, really appreciate the diligent, can-do attitude and professionalism. Not to mention the quality of creative we’ve taken to market, its been loads of fun!

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