HEALTH BASED BUILDINGLeading the way in natural, breathable building products.

Health Based Building are leading the way with natural, breathable products that provide a healthy alternative to traditional airtight building.

With people beginning to realise the impact materials used in your home have on your health, energy use and the environment, I’m sure you will see these products challenging the status quo.

We are proud to provide creative support for Health Based Building and its product brands. The following is a small selection of the work we have done for them.


Health Based Building Brand

Health Based Building Magazine
Health Based Building eDM
Health Based Building Magnum Board Ezi-Line Logo
Health Based Building ForeverBreathe Logo
Health Based Building Magnum Board Website
Health Based Building ForeverBreathe Magazine
Health Based Building ForeverBreathe Leaflet
Health Based Building ForeverBreathe Magazine 2
Health Based Building ForeverBreathe Brochure

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Its been an absolute treat working with each of you over the years, really appreciate the diligent, can-do attitude and professionalism. Not to mention the quality of creative we’ve taken to market, its been loads of fun!

Jeremy Nash – Marketing Manager, Commercial


"Good things happen when we talk business."

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