Farming with nitrogen restrictions.

With a proven ability and experience marketing to rural communities, Donaghys asked Ideation to put our expert creative and media abilities to work and develop the N-Boost® brand, product packaging, marketing collateral, and advertising campaign.

Donaghys N-Boost® is a patented nitrogen booster that is independently tested and boasts a proven ability to double the pasture response to 40kg of urea. This innovative product uses world-first technology to help producers reduce the level of nitrogen leaching on their farms.

Being the product of a scientifically driven brand, the N-Boost logo and packaging design is inspired by the molecular combination of chemicals. This is illustrated in the use of a circular grid.

Donaghys N-Boost packaging & illustration

In the television commercial and print collateral, the circular grid and hand-drawn illustration are used to communicate product benefits and build credibility.

Donaghys N-Boost logo

Donaghys N-Boost Magazine Ad
Donaghys N-Boost Product Brochure
Donaghys N-Boost pull-up banner
Donaghys N-Boost Tradeshow Display

The final body of work called upon a broad range of our capabilities, including: brand & campaign strategy, media negotiation & buying, television commercial, print brochure, magazine advertising, tradeshow and display signage.

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Its been an absolute treat working with each of you over the years, really appreciate the diligent, can-do attitude and professionalism. Not to mention the quality of creative we’ve taken to market, its been loads of fun!

Jeremy Nash – Marketing Manager, Commercial


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