Our friends at Health Based Building & New Zealand Sustainable Forest Products take the management of our forests very seriously. So when they asked Ideation to develop the Foreverbeech brand, we knew they needed a very special platform to market this exceptional product at home and abroad.

The objective

Foreseeing New Zealand as having the potential of becoming one of the leading sustainable native timbers, Health Based Building & New Zealand Sustainable Forest Products wanted to establish credibility and desirability for Foreverbeech as a truly sustainable, premium native wood to discerning markets.

Our response

From this brief, we developed an elegant logo and styles palette that reflects the unique beauty and natural strength of New Zealand beech.

Health Based Building, Foreverbeach Logo

Foreverbeech Logo & Brand Identity
Foreverbeech Stationery - Business Card, Letterhead

Positioning Foreverbeech as ‘The Good Hardwood’ connects with architects, builders, and homeowners who want to put sustainability at the heart of their building projects. This was easily substantiated by Foreverbeech’s long list of credentials as a truly sustainable and versatile product. To name a few, these include its natural durability and a world-leading MPI approved forest management regime, inclusive of selective heli-harvesting and traceability.

Upon the established brand platform, a wide range of advertising collateral has been developed, including print, web, and email direct marketing to promote Foreverbeech with great success.

Foreverbeech Magazine Ad
Foreverbeech Email Marketing
Foreverbeech Icons
Foreverbeech Website Content
Foreverbeech Product Flyer
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Its been an absolute treat working with each of you over the years, really appreciate the diligent, can-do attitude and professionalism. Not to mention the quality of creative we’ve taken to market, its been loads of fun!

Jeremy Nash – Marketing Manager, Commercial


"Good things happen when we talk business."

Johnny Wilson - Managing Director

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